About Us

We are a group of Economists who have graduated from Michigan State University. We are proud members of our community and want to promote best practices. What do we mean by this? We mean policies which benefit either the whmichigan handsole community or its citizens, without hurting others.

These policies work to strengthen the bonds that hold the community together and stimulate it to develop and grow in positive ways. In some communities, community-friendly policies are those that help the community maintain character and historic traditions, instead of forcing modernization. For others, community-friendly policies assist the community with changes or adapting to changes. They are, effectively, policies that help make the community healthier increase quality of life.

Examples of such policies are those prohibiting discriminatory practices, commitment to public transportation, language policies, rent subsidies, family friendly policies, worker retraining, arts and culture and recreation.

Why are these important to us?

Social policies change the manners in which individuals and groups interact relate to one another. The also affect the community or society as a whole, as well as also creating responsibilities and obligations to each other. The good news is that both businesses and governments can institute said policies – governments from small communities, counties, state, provinces  and countries; businesses can create change for employees, or through a trade agreement, all the workers inside of a particular industry.

Friendly community policies encourage and support social norms which help the community become more livable, or that improve the livelihoods of many individuals or groups, WITHOUT hurting anyone else.

How can you help?

There are many ways to become involved. We have chosen to start this website to make people aware of various initiatives and to shine a spotlight on practices which we do not wish to promote. We hope to provide more of the former than the latter, but also ultimately believe that forcing bad practices into the spotlight and making people aware of them can help to drmichigan grandma betterive them out of our communities.

You can choose to become involved in community organizations or to promote a local issue through a politician or politically active group. Another way is to demonstrate your commitment to the community and others via everyday actions. Help someone across the street, pay your taxes, don’t litter. These smalls things add up, too, and cannot be forgotten.

We hope you agree with our mission, we know we do. We live it.


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