This film follows Mary, who suffers from dementia, around while she encounters people from her community. We see how just a bit of time and thought for people living with this terrible disease can make a world of difference in their daily routine.

The film’s aim is to encourage a community’s small businesses and organisations to implement policies and procedures which can help their business or organisation to become dementia friendly. These steps can be small but can make a huge difference to someone who is affected by dementias.

The film’s shot from Mary’s POV. Mary is a person who is affected by dementia, ‘Mary’ is portrayed by an actress and the scenes featured in the film are fictional but are based on real life experiences.

The Dementia Friendly Communities programme focuses on improving inclusion and quality of life for people with dementia. Their five year strategy includes a key ambition to work with people affected by dementia and key partners to define and develop dementia friendly communities. Dementia Friends is a key part of the Dementia Friendly Communities programme. The Prime Minister’s challenge on dementia also includes an ambition to create communities that are working to help people live well with dementia.

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